My gym contract ends soon

I want to say thank goodness that time of renewal is here for my team training contract at the gym. I have 3 weeks left.

A trainer called me last night to see when I want to come in and set up a renewal contract and talk about my goals. I said ” I need to think about it.”

A contract is a great way (and probably only way to get people to the gym and be more accountable for showing up and getting the workout in with a trainer).

Yes, that worked for me. I honestly did not know what to expect at my first session.


I will not be renewing my team training contract but I will continue my membership at the gym.

I mean, there is the elliptical and the rowing machine and TRX to practice my split lunges and the kettle bells and so on.

I have gained a lot of good information and know what I allow myself performance speaking.

Yes. It was a good 14 months of gym training sessions.

I have a Morton’s Neuroma in my left foot which is not really much of a bother anymore as long as I wear flat wide toe box shoes. I have done the research and taken The Foot Collective Seminar and Workshop from a group of Master Physical Therapists in Canada through a video taped seminar that was held a while back.

My feet are the key to my well being physically.

My ankles and hips are looser and I am doing movements and warm up exercises in the gym that my hips would not do for me previously.

It was a good thing but the pressure to continue the COMMITTMENT of 2 or 3 sessions a week (or more if so desired). I was always a twice a week person so it cost me $115.00 every 4 weeks for gym training. Was it worth it?

Yes! but I would only do a 6 months’ contract IF I signed up again.

Reaching out bravely to a new program is scary but I joined the gym to feel better and get stronger so I can saddle a horse and ride as a more fit and confident person. It worked. I worked hard at that gym and benefit from how to move forward physically and how to use the gym equipment properly and to handle the weights safely.

I still have my lap swimming and horse to keep me active and some casual hiking, as well, the machines and equipment at the gym with no gym training sessions to commit to.

I did it!

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