Making Something

Empowering myself to create my own idea of a dream catcher explores my imagination and for me to explain my enjoyment in the process of crafting something with thread and a circle, some beads and feathers is difficult….so I will show you pictures.

I am creating a Valentine dream catcher. Sometimes my dream catchers manifest into not quite what I intend it to be.

Acting on my intuition is one of the most empowering choices I can make in my life…. I can’t control the outside world, but by tuning in, listening to my Spirit, and following my intuition, I can begin to chart a new course—one that brings about deep satisfaction and personal peace—regardless of what’s going on around me.  This craft puts me in that place of peace.

Navigating through life, we are all like a boat at sea. Intuition is the rudder that helps us to maintain our true course when wind and weather try to push us off of it. (Sonia Choquette)

I like sequence and rich materials for a Valentine’s dream catcher. I like to change my mind and redo this one until I feel it is ‘speaking to me’ when I hang it up. The feathers and of course the inner webbing is the key to a dream catcher.

I somehow had a strong intuition to make a dream catcher this December, when remembering my sons in elementary school and how we made a couple of dream catchers and Graham’s won an honourable mention at the fair when he was in grade 5.

I know the myth is only a magical whisp of a legend about catching dreams through the web. I like that thought.

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