I always wanted to be a ballerina

I was at a Canada Ballet Jorgen performance of Sleeping Beauty a few years back and I bought these worn ballet slippers from one of the dancers, with their autograph on it.

I am very enamoured by the sheer energy and pain and grace of ballet.

I know what my feet have gone through over the years and I have had 2 surgeries on my right foot and now I am avoiding surgery on my left foot.

Practicing and relentless training in ballet is almost cruel to the body. But these ballet dancers do it and perform with sheer force of the love for the dancer life.

I treasure this reminder of what feet can do when one perseveres.

This dancing sport has me affixed to the documentaries on the ballets and how to become a ballerina.

The body is an amazing healer and it’s my interest in my feet now that has me saturated with foot power.

To persevere and heal. To have the support of injury recovery and continue on back at it again.

I know that I must keep my body moving and get the healing that is available and keep on going.

The body is a wonder that is for sure if we attend to it when it speaks!

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