bootless ski day

Asessipi Ski Resort day was on Friday. I was there to take photos and read a book and save a table for lunch and coffee time.

I know that this Morton’s Neuroma I got on my left foot was established from ski boots over the years and last March I skied in Banff, without listening to my intuition and by May I was noticing problems with my left leg/sciatic.

My neuroma is really responding well to my foot exercises and gym sessions. It is really improving. I think my foot is getting more flexible and stronger to beat out the thickened nerve tissue. Yay!

Cause # 2 from the Mayo Clinic site:

Certain sports. Participating in high-impact athletic activities such as jogging or running may subject your feet to repetitive trauma. Sports that feature tight shoes, such as snow skiing or rock climbing, can put pressure on your toes.

Snowboarders’ have put on their board and are now trying to get up (lol) I can’t imagine…

Tommy’s Puppet Lab instagram has a nice sequence of videos of the day. @tommyspuppetlab

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