intensity over creative bursts

I really use my creativity when it starts jumping out at me. I can go for several weeks without any creative endeavours and then voila! it happens. It is a joy to be able to simply make something.

My being inspired with dream catchers lately; I was having a problem picking up the hoops or rings to make the dream catchers in my local area and my husband said we can try using the red dogwood branches that are 20 feet away from our front door.

So he cut a couple of dogwood branches and soaked them in water overnight and then slowly started to bend them the next day. He tied some suede rope pieces to ensure the hoop shape stayed the circle shape.

I said to him “pretty cool thinking dear”. We all have creative thinking.

I needed to move things around to make room for a floor humidifier and my poinsettia
I quickly put in these dry flowers from 2 other vases and put them up on
the bay window sill you see here.

I put water in the wine glasses and a bit of food colouring and a floating white candle and it is pretty when the candle is lit.

It is me letting go of intensity and perfection on Dec 22 that tends to show up just like today.

…so I got the energy changed in the main rooms of the house.

How is your “just before Christmas” manifesting itself?

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