I go on Artist Dates

An Artist Date is a date with myself. I choose an activity or adventure that is fun and also nurturing.

I follow The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and I have been doing this for years now.

Here are Artist Dates I have taken over the years: (these dates are 2 hours or more by myself, either at home or away from home)

  • Creating and writing a blog post on my website!
  • Fabric store and wander the store touching and feeling fabric
  • Went to a movie theatre and watched the new Muppet movie.
  • Watched the new “Illuminate” Grinch movie at home by myself
  • Went to the lake and did the tanning and swimming thing
  • took my camera out on a nature hike and did lots of photo shooting
  • A walk with my horse around the arena and shared stories about myself
  • Visit the library, go through the book shelves and pick a book or two and sit at one of the chairs and looked through the books. So quiet!
  • Most recently I have spent 2 hours on making a dream catcher.
  • planting, watering and weeding flower beds. I enjoy weeding!
  • bake a cake from scratch – I made a chocolate beet cake. It turned out!
  • Spent a day at home alone and did what I want and however I want (example: dance around the living room to old favourite music, clean out my closets which is decluttering, plugging in a beachbody workout that is my fav and my fav is ‘Cise” with Shaun T, take a long hot bath with baking soda and an essential oil, etc etc)
  • Walking out to the pasture and check on the horses and give them a back massage and ask them questions and I relish that there is no reply I can just feel their vibe and there power as honest animals)

It is up to you to decide what your date will be and it must be once a week. It is hard to do something you enjoy by yourself as you may always want a friend or someone with you because that is a social thing.

However, this is the about you and nurturing your soul. Try it if you dare!

You never know what will come of it!

I enjoyed this video with OSCAR THE GROUCH.

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