December fistfuls of food

My gym membership nutritionist’s coaching plan for this month is to eat 5 fistfuls of vegetables each day.

Tricky topic and I am brave to post about eating foods this month.

The rest does not matter to me.

I feel better when I can reach that goal.

I do not include corn, peas or potatoes as a vegetable, even though they are vegetables, but they have quite a bit of starch in them; that is my choice to include them or not on these fistfuls.

I eat a red/orange/yellow/or green pepper a day in place of an apple;

eating a pepper like an apple is 2 fistfuls.

I eat a fistful of raw celery a day.

I put 2 fistfuls of spinach in my daily protein shake with frozen berries and almond milk…

and then…..drum roll

I am done.

I feel better sneaking in those fistfuls each day and it leaves me less guilty of indulging too much, especially at this season.

Sometimes I get only 3 or 4 fistfuls in. Oh well. I find it still a good practice.

Happy fistfuls and feasting!

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