Appointment Control

I am taking control of my appointments, that tend to pile up all in one week or a 2 week span.

Sometimes I look at my calendar and know that it is too much that is put on for a certain week or two. Massage, gym training, Doctor, dentist, eye, blood donor clinic, groceries and the very important hair appointment every 4 weeks….and eek! I need one day for a lap swim for only half an hour… I need my own swimming pool so I don’t have to follow their lane swimming allotted times. Schedule, schedule, schedule….!

As of today, I am liking my December calendar. It is all good things and some fun activities for me included.

January is piling up and I am taking control of that now. I have 4 medical appts for January. No more is to be put in.

There are no physical emergencies in my life (thankful!).

I want to be unplugged from appointments!

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