Sealed jar

I cannot save money at the bank. I have a savings account in this jar.

Why do I save more money at home here but not at the bank?

Is it a fear of not getting used up if I can see a number?

Is it I can see the cash through the glass and I feel secure in knowing I can add to the jar. I am just a little like a kid.

I think it is because I find it more fun and easy to pop coin and bills into

a jar and know it is mine to take when I want?

No, that is not it.

It’s because I feel younger when I can save money this way?

There is a child in me that is coming out more and more and I am enjoying

this way of handling the cash and secretly putting it away.

I can’t seem to keep $100 in my savings account. I know it is there but I cannot touch it.

Money is really a tool for resources to use for buying things we need.

Money flows in and goes by and then it keeps flowing in and passing by, just like a fast moving stream or river or water from a tap.

How do I grab some of that water? I can’t unless I collect it in a bucket or sink or scoop some of it out with a cup.

I appreciate money and money appreciates to support me.

I love money and money loves me. I just remember it is a resource or a tool for getting services we need or want.

The perspective on this tool is different for everyone.

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