the crazy days

I am enrolled in a photography class once again. It is challenging me with daily prompts to post a photo explaining why I took that photo and how it relates to the daily gratitude posted each day. Here is my best photo so far:

Light The Way

I am getting busy at our church because of Christmas season upon us now.

My committee member friend and I had to put up the ‘Sock, Toque, Mitten” tree in the foyer and we brought the box upstairs from the basement. The tree branches in the box were labeled with colour tags and a number on it. There were 10 levels to this tree so it was quite crazy sorting the branches into piles of 10 and some tags fell off and numbers 9 and 6 were hard too figure out. (sigh).

We seriously were not on our game and put the branches in starting at the top. Well you can guess how hard it was getting under that tree and popping in all the bottom branches…. (some yoga moves were happening here)

Of course next year we will be smarter!

I am measuring my gratitude for this season as I get ridiculously overwhelmed and anxious or something. So the photo below is showing that I am stretching my expectations only so far and keeping it casual.

I will enjoy this Christmas season.

I will love the Christmas expectations.

I will smile when people get grumpy.

I will bake healthy treats.

How are you all faring with this busy season ahead?

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