life is light

Kind of boring as I am settling down in my home this weekend, is what this post is about!

Why do I feel like I have to be on the move and always

going somewhere?

because I have been going steady since Monday:

Swim laps – Monday Morning – 8 am

Massage – Monday Morning 11 am

Gym training – Tuesday aft 1:30 pm

haircut – Thursday morning – 11 am

gym training – Thursday aft – 1:30 pm

gym training – Friday Morning and groceries – 9:00 am

Saturday – today . I am feeling like I do not have anything to do or go anywhere, Oh my goodness I am so deprived of adventure and activity today (sigh)

Well here’s my thing: I have to check on the horses in the pastures, then our garden carrots in the fridge downstairs are going soft. So I need to clean up that and possibly bake muffins or something with those carrots (creativity kicking in) The bonus is I am still in my pyjamas at 9:15 am.

Life is light when I work at my pace and no commitments today!

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