just our horses standing

When I went to check on the water trough levels the horses were standing together by a small boarded fence. It’s windy and no sign of the sun.

They had just finished drinking up some water and then they stand looking at me.

Now, granted I can usually tell HOW COLD IT IS OUTSIDE by where they take shelter.

I like it when I or hubby go check on the horses and they are standing almost in our back yard.

Six weeks ago this newly purchased 7 year old thoroughbred who is amazing to own and ride, that hubby calls ‘ Norman’, had run into a barbed wire gate and got all bloody and cut and on his back the fur was scraped right off of him. He is fine now but what a sad scary sight. My husband almost cried. How did he do that. Did a moose chase him or our mare maybe went after him in the dark. Who knows?

As I was saying, we have a wonderful shelter for them when weather is severe. The weather has to be real bad for them to use this shelter. They do have a bit of a problem SHARING THIS shelter. One or two seem to hog most of the space in here so 3 of them usually have half their bodies sticking out. It is funny but a good place for protection when needed.

I am getting into the fact it is winter now and it is snowing nice big snowflakes at the moment.

Embrace the white stuff and all that comes with it.

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