feeling secure about your healing

If you decide you are going to heal

and you are finding what it takes to do that

as time goes on do you waver about your personal power?

to actually heal?

do you want to heal?

it is not for the weak of heart

it is never smooth

but sometimes it is.



Keeping the focus, your focus, not other people’s is

always the steady breakthrough;

the process or journey to heal is a lonely determined

self-focused adventure.

Wayne Gretzky, who is nicknamed “The Great One” ( has been called the

the greatest hockey player ever by sportswriters, players and the NHL

itself) stated in a interview that:

You have to be selfish.

If you are going to play hockey, play hockey!

keep doing it until you are good and then keep at it until

you are better than good

It is the goalie in the game. You keep out the enemy and

shoot for the win.

How bad do you want to heal?

to get strong about it, to know you deserve it

and are capable and loved while doing it.

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