night light

It’s about seeing the light? Sound familiar?

Photography is all about capturing the light. It’s a few tricks to learn when night time photos are being taken. Understanding what the camera you have will do for you.

My camera is a simulator camera which means my Nikon Coolpix B500 will do the work of shutter speed for me if I select the correct action.

I have manual exposure composition and if I pick the ‘scene’ simulator’ on top of the camera it will give me options for ‘night portrait’ ‘night landscape’ and even a ‘Moon’ setting. It is better and more fun to stay out of auto-mode.

I took a photography creative class with Chris Attrell – a couple of days ago. it was very good. His night photography is fantastic.

Photoshop is not used as he prefers the composition and imperfections of his photos with other elements during his post processing.

I do not use or even like photo shop either. It is amazing what a 35 mm camera can do and as he recommended a 50 mm lens to have on my camera will really add to the photos and will appreciate the higher quality focuses.

Practice and be creative in angles and perspectives and stay out of auto mode! I need to know what MY camera can do for me. Lots of experimentation going on these days. Night time is a bit scary so a flashlight(s) is a secret trick. I always have a flashlight when I am out at night in the country anyway. He uses flashlights to shine on objects or trees at different directions to get what he wants to show off an old house, or church at night, for example.

Are you afraid of the dark?

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