life is a work out

I am finding out that to keep doing activities like horse back riding, swimming, hiking and travel, I need to be fit.

This arena hubby set up for the horses is missing the multi-coloured swim noodles and orange pylons (traffic cones) that are stored away when not in use. He is preparing for obstacle course competitions.

Well my life resembles this obstacle course and all the work and distractions involved in maintaining my body and health for sports.

I have braved the decision and I am opting out of down-hill skiing. No more putting my foot in those hard firm protective ski boots. That is huge for me, but I am listening to my feet now.

I can still put my foot into the stirrup,

swing my body over the horses back,

a pinch in my inner thigh makes me pause,

breathe then sit down slowly onto the saddle,

breathe, hoping my calves do not cramp during my warm up!

I enter the beautiful swimming pool with goggles on,

swim cap and ear plugs,

ready for a few gliding laps of the breast stroke;

I realize as I go along in the water,

I am feeling a back ache,

sometimes my hips are too tight,

better yet a cramp in my leg. So I stop.

Breathe and go more slowly. I am no longer a speed swimmer.

Pace is key!

I think and move forward and leave my mind tagging behind.

slow down! Pace mself!

Hiking on a trail

with runners on my feet,

hoping for a cardio treat

but to no avail,

I walk to fast and tire out.

Slow down, breathe and carry on!

It’s simple really. I must stay present and breathe regularly and

enjoy the activity.

Pace, breathe, relax, enjoy, stay present!

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