how do you know you are stressed?

Yesterday, I was getting ready to ride my horse, Grace. I worked with her on the ground getting her to move and trot and walk under my instruction and cues. After a few moments of lunging her, I got extremely dizzy and light headed . I had to stop and sat on a stool in the barn and took some breaths and chilled. I did some relaxation meditative breaths. I felt okay after a few moments. I went back to my horse and checked the tack and made sure everything was secure. I led her over to the little wooden bridge and put my foot in the stirrup. I felt fine. As soon as I get on a horse I focus only on the ride and it was a nice ride. After about 20 minutes my foot told me to take a rest and get it out of the stirrup. I got off of her and decided this was good enough for today.

I have to go back to that few moments of shaky dizziness. There was a time I would ignore that sensation. I am learning to stop. Be aware of myself first and then ride.

It was not a good feeling, it was like I had vertigo and couldn’t stand up straight.

Today I took my blood pressure twice. The first time the bottom number was high 107. So blood pressure sky rocketed yesterday afternoon while I was prepping for a horse ride. I am glad I took notice to monitor why that dizziness happened . It is stress.

Once I figured out that I was stressed because my blood sugar was high for mid-day and it is amazing that even though my diet is great actually; Stress can elevate things in the body.

What was my stress? It doesn’t matter what my stress was as far as posting here. It is recognizing it and if you can figure out what causes the stress, steps can be taken to lower it.

Today I am clearer with what I must do. Walking outside for 20 minutes needs to happen today. Most days are windy and so cold. I will dress warm and go anyway.

How do you recognize you are stressed?

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