Owning horses is a gift

My foot is much improved and so I rode my horse this weekend. It is a thankful thanksgiving knowing I can get my foot back in the stirrup without pain. I was amazed really.

These are pictures I took on my walk around our property.

Horses are very interesting and honest animals. Expensive to keep them strong and healthy at times. Aren’t we all a bit expensive ourselves?

When things are clear for me and sometimes when they are not clear I like to just be around them. I like to ride them too, weather permitting. It is an honour for me to be able to do that.

I am fortunate that my husband has years of riding experience and has received training from riding clinics and has learned what’s best for our horses. They are fortunate these horses we own. It is a good life here for them at Kirkville.

I am being instructed and critiqued from him this year. That is a very open loving thing to have him do for me. I asked him to be my riding instructor. It’s working well.

She is a nice booking buckskin mare

Go out to a horse ranch or riding stables or anywhere that you can
see and touch a horse. You will never regret!

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