Foot Report on my Nerve Neuroma

I am calling my Morton’s Neuroma a nerve neuroma because that is what it actually is. It is not affecting a muscle in your foot it is that the NERVE IS THICKENED and tight. The muscles need to be strong in my foot to conquer the nerve stress.

I traveled to a writing workshop this past weekend on my own. I brought 3 pairs of shoes with me. They all have insoles in them to support the ball of my foot.

I brought my special massaging ball and threw that in my carry on bag.

I have listed the imperative exercises I do at least twice daily.

  • picking up a towel with your foot
  • walking on your tippy toes (walk on a rug or yoga mat for this)
  • walk on your heels across your rug or mat
  • keeping my heel and toes planted on the floor, pull the arch of my foot up
  • massage my foot with a foot massager ball/tennis ball. It takes away stiffness and keeps circulation going.

I have had 2 foot massages with a massage therapist and it has really helped. I feel I am on the win!

Oh and I have another NUCCA appt coming up this month.

detailed explanation: These chiropractors’ focus specifically on the upper cervical (upper neck) region of the spine using the chiropractic technique referred to as NUCCA (“NU-ka”). NUCCA utilizes the principles of mathematics, physics, biomechanics, and kinesiology to balisance the head on the neck therefore relieving stress throughout other areas of the body.

Dr. Jeff Scholten

My Anytime Fitness gym club is giving me one on one personal training for a month, free of charge, to work with a routine that my foot can adjust to and hopefully prevent a surgery. This was a wonderful surprise.

Progressing favourably!

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