the writing diet

I write in the mornings. In a lined blank note pad. I write about meal planning and now I am writing about what I am eating throughout the day.

I am writing (righting) my nutrition. My journal is full of eating carbs with a little greens thrown in.

Meal planning is preparation ahead of time. That is the trick, the secret, the key to eating. Period.

I am going to use the HALT method from AA, Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.

Yes. Am I hungry? Am I Angry? Am I lonely? Am I Tired?


I have high blood sugar. I take Metformin to help control the rises in my blood sugar.

I have to ‘feed’ my blood sugar. If I get too hungry and go without food or snack for several hours the blood sugar rises,.

Bread, buns, pita bread, bagels, cereal, granola…and so forth are high carbs but necessary in moderation.

FRUIT! alot of ‘natural’ sugar in fruit so it may state on a food guide or certain diets that fruit is to be eaten more because of the vitamins. Vitamin C. I love oranges. Navel seedless oranges. The best way for me to curb my hunger is to have an orange. The oranges are high in natural sugar.

Bananas in my protein powder shakes is still the best tasting and also the texture is like a milk shake blend. Bananas are high in ‘natural’ sugar.

Tricky is that high blood sugar!

This The Writing Diet is from Julia Cameron‘s book she wrote in 2007. It has examples from Artists like: songwriters, singers, actors, musicians, dancers, photographers and so on. They tell their own winning strategy with this diet.

It affects us all… don’t it? poor grammar there but it makes it more interesting throwing in a word or two improperly, or to slant it a bit when I write.

For myself, am I hungry because my blood sugar needs something to keep the cells burning OR am I angry and food is better than expressing myself OR am I alone too much. Food is comfort. Well if I am tired I have no problem going to nap or get to bed early. Being tired is not an issue for me.

Knowing my emotional state and stocking my fridge with foods I love BUT less sugary foods in fridge goes a long way. Yes it is all about meal planning and SNACK prepping.

that is my plan and I am sticking or I mean eating and writing and prepping to it.

I am writing and righting my diet.

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