small points of interests around my home

I drive past this spot all the time and I finally stopped and found out what this body of water is all about. I mean it had a plaque created for it. I found it to be an interesting lake.

What this point of interest plaque says is:

The unusual circular lake seen to the West, was created as the result of the collapses in the geological formation beneath the lake a potash-rich, prairie evaporate salt formation 915 meters below the surface underlies most of Southern Saskatchewan. Ground water can dissolve the salt, causing the ground above to sink.

Crater Lake was formed by two different collapses. The first, prior to glaciation, led to a cylinder-shaped depression of about 100 meters in diameter and 43 meters deep, during the last deglaciation, about 13,600 years ago a second drop occurred around the first. This collapse was about 213 meters in diameter and 15-30 meters deep.

The circular shape was first thought to have been caused by a meteorite the lakes name was a result of this belief.

gathering by geese line up at Crater Lake

pretty plant fluff

Points of Interest are worth checking out. I’m glad I stopped in.

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