The Car

I finally took the photo. The old car on the intersection that just sits there for eternity. Was it put here for a marker? It sits on an intersection secondary road to a provincial park.

I just want to take a can of metal spray paint and make it a different colour like a solid red or maybe pink.

The funny thing is, and it is not funny of course, is I almost had an accident as I ran into the ditch across the road so to stop and get the shot I wanted.

I was sure I had room to pull over a bit and let traffic go by me but when I pulled over I went in and dipped down into the ditch. I kept creeping along in the ditch until the road I needed to get back on was clear of traffic. That was upsetting but all is okay and me and my vehicle are fine.

That’s crazy! Anyway, I got the shot by driving a little further down the road and turning into a nice gravel off-road which was an entrance to a farm yard.

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