My Art (therapy)

The journey of the past 15 years of grief and moving to a new city I needed to find a get-away or release.

I wouldn’t put my art into a show or sell it. It can tell a story of the stages I have been at because my art is just manifestations. Which means?

I take a large art sketch pad (it has to be big because small art sized paper is too restricting for me), then I just make a crazy line or shape and look at it and whatever strikes my mood I start adding to it and changing it. I don’t erase.

Sometimes I copy off a picture; then I go over it with paint and make something else. That’s okay!

This pile of art must of been a phase where I wanted to just have fun and express myself!

A simple watercolour.
There are many ways that one can choose to receive therapy. Art is a HUGE healer. Just don’t be your own worst critic. Love the process!

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