dig deep those feet

Almost a rhyme!

A foot massage like no other today in the beautiful sands at Good Spirit Lake.

Walking in deep sand and wet sand in cool water is the best treatment for wounded feet. My foot has a Morton’s Neuroma and that is a pinched nerve in the ball of my foot.

Any therapist will state the fact that sand and bare feet is very healing. Mentally it relieves the feeling of structure and restrictions wearing shoes and makes you feel in control with your feet moving and digging into the sand.

Freedom it says to me. Release!

The foot has to grab with the toes and push and release with the ball and arch and heel, as it digs deep from the pressure of body weight.

Infant feet are wonderful to learn from. When you touch a baby’s feet the toes will curl and grab your finger and the response from pushing gently on their foot pads is instant and soft and flexible.

I am learning about feet with this affliction of a neuroma.

This is a lovely beach 30 minutes away from home. I took some photos below. Summer vacationers are gone so it was quiet and pretty.

This photo is taken on the road out of this lake. Saskatchewan has hay bales and pasture this time of year.

Harvest is under way.

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