travelling August

Points-of-interest photos that caught my attention this month.

Golden fields waiting for harvest in the Qu’Appelle Valley as we left Crooked Lake.

I am learning how to not scare a herd of cattle. I walk by cows that are settled eating pasture grass and laying down, frequently. I could literally make them run! Now, I just stop and look at them and let them check me out and they usually stay where they are now.

Red Roan cow
Crooked Lake Provincial Park
Bonfire. Sculpture of a burning farm at the Western Canada Summer Games festival at the exhibition park. This was a welded and sculpted scene of what you would see on a farm. The old truck, tall wheat, an oil rigger, old machinery. It was super creepy actually, as it was emblazoned in fire. Very unique!
I just liked this landscape arrangement at Riverside Park, Swift Current.

I am looking forward to September and the energy of harvest is almost starting in our family. My brother-in-law is on his last year of farming and he is getting anxious to start the combines. The rains come off and on and is preventing harvest to take off. My husband is anxious to get out there and do his part on the grain cart.

September brings a season of new beginnings and start-ups!

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