this blog is really a healing centre

I started blogging many years ago. I lost my first born child; Graham, (photo below). He was hearing impaired.

He wore in-the-ear hearing aids with the volume unit wrapped behind his ear and attached to the ear mold in his ear.

He was not deaf. He just couldn’t hear the low sounds. He lived in both worlds of hearing and not hearing.

I call this blog “The Flash Speaks”! That is how I heal by posting a photo that I took myself and talking about any topic that manifests itself.

It is a practice to write a post and do it well. Authenticity is the key.

I was sent an email from a problogger that I follow and he said “what is your brand”? What are readers saying about your blog? What knowledge are you sharing with the readers? You need a brand.

He is correct.

This new website is about healing.

Graham in Grade 5 wearing an FM system that connected to a microphone the teacher has clipped on their shirt.

This above photo was taken by my son’s Resource Room Teacher in 1995. Graham consistently attended a resource room all through his school years. It was mandatory.

So, here is what it must of been like. He heard things, words, teachers’ voices, schoolmates talking.

He attended the resource room at the school and finds out maybe he didn’t understand or hear it all so he needed more teaching. So it is confusing to configure out from what he heard on his own vs visiting another room to have it exemplified or corrected from yet another teacher.

As a parent we were either over amplifying or clarifying words and teaching sounds. Or even just assuming he understood and heard everything; being busy or distracted we were not always on our game.

Of course, more time listening and more time asking questions is what I would change if I could turn back the times AND…..

the big one….waiting patiently for him to figure out a reply.

As a parent, I know I am not alone with some regrets raising children. I have processed this through the years of grief.

I am feeling the need to write now about our life as parents with hearing impaired children. We had two boys with this hearing loss.

My second born son Tommy beside me. He was born hearing impaired as well
and practiced the difficult art of living in our world of hearing and not hearing. He is my blessing. I am so thankful I have him.

This is really about why I was inspired to blog. I am not a writer. I am a blog poster. My brand is this healing website. I just share my life.

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