do you trust?

This is a trust post. Nature can be trusted. I know that.

It rejuvenates the soul.

It rejuvenates the spirit.

It is wild and unpredictable

It is calm

It has these colours to express it’s mood: green and blue and gold and yellow and brown and black and grey and white and orange and …and

It can call you to hug a tree? why not? feel the trunk’s vibe and strength. What is it telling you?

Water is a moving force even if it is calm. the underneath of water is the big story and the picture I see when the water is still is it is okay right now and it keeps being okay. The undercurrent is strong and it changes and …hey! A person’s spirit is the same. We have undercurrents that we do not show. We appear calm when we have things under control but the body is the telling story of how you have managed the undercurrents in life. Did you ignore?

Did you guffaw some subtle messages?

You and I are human.

I trust nature to help me listen and watch and learn and repeat. Who and what else can you and I trust to keep life making sense!


Oh no..don’t get me started on rocks. That could be another post!

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