Appreciating the Cow

A nice looking cow and the cow is looking at me. It appears to be a short-horn roan coloured cow.

I have never been comfortable around cattle. They stare at me and then run. I now have learned to stop and look at them slowly and not to move fast.

Cows are meant to be here to feed us. God gave us animals and plants for our survival. I have no “beef” about eating beef or being vegan. I need protein and cows eat grass from the natural pastures that grow with prairie grass so they can eat. It is such a revolving wheel, this food cycle.

I always pass cows on my way into town and I live across the highway from a community pasture where cows are brought to this pasture and then leave in the fall.

When I first moved here with my partner I was on my own for a few weeks and I was out on the acreage and these cows that were pasturing close by kept me company. The mooing was reassuring and then they would huddle in one corner to keep those nasty flies under control and swish their tails. I appreciated the large herd and seeing them out my living room window. I didn’t feel so alone.

This cow story came up driving home today and seeing them lying in the grass.

I think I might talk about that at my 5 minute StorySlam night.

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