Are you grounded and present?

I just returned from 5 days of travel from a visit with family and driving to the lakes, (love it) and attending the Canada Summer Games in Saskatchewan.

I realized I was still not present this morning. I had boiled a pot dry because I turned on the stove and was going to put water and eggs in the pot. But I walked away and sat on the deck to load my new photos from my trip instead.

My husband came home from town and turned off the burner and used some comet to clean the pot. Oops!

I went for a 20 minute walk outside to ground myself and breaths to empty my brain of stuff from my trip.

Let’s get back to what my focus was at these last few days.

Alberta and Yukon Territories competing in Girls Beach Volleyball

Watching the athletes play their games and their focus is the key! I get distracted too and have to concentrate on what the key players are doing to achieve a goal. It is a great way to practice being in the present moment.

Nunavut and Alberta competing in Beach Volleyball
lining up for the Kayak finals at Western Canada Summer Games 2019

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