are you doing what you love?

It is hard work to plan, and, sometimes it is the easy part for me, planning. It is the energy to get up and go and actually do it!

I wrote a free style poem below and it speaks to how following the simple enjoyment of water on a summer day is like for me.

my son on the dock with me

I grasp the energy

of water

anyway I can receive it

sitting on a dock

dangling my bare feet into the cool liquid

thank you say my feet

it is not about how far I travel

or how much I spend

or who I visit

it is about the presence of mind to

know I am here doing my spirit life

watercolour painting that was manifested and some cutting out to shape it to something that is a boat and periscope to see out and beyond.

One response to “are you doing what you love?”

  1. Awesome poem! I love water too!

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