what works for my health

  • hydrate (6-9 glasses of water a day)
  • massage my feet every night and do yoga for foot health daily
  • dance to my music not just listen
  • calm breath (blowing out candles); then big sigh exhale like going down a slide; this gets rid of the noise in my brain/intellect/ego, whatever you want to call it.
  • I expect good things everyday
  • I am available to accept the good things and acknowledge them at the end of the day

I don’t always know what I want, so SURPRISE ME. I love this free spirit intention. Instead of always planning just expect a good surprise. (this is a different way of saying “be comfortable being uncomfortable”)

I wonder what tommorrow has in store. I am going swimming in the morning and I always do the breaststroke for most of my laps. I am going to do the backstroke for most of my laps. That’s a change for me.

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