On The Ground Horse Play

Lately, my husband and I have been working on a playground for our riding horses. It’s fun and they do need to get used to different objects, sounds and anything they may come across when riding out of an arena.

our horse grooming brushes
6 sided log circle and a bridge behind

I thought Gracie would be okay with walking over the white side of the tarp.
She needed convincing and eventually she successfully walked on it!
The tarp is a big deal and horses need to be able to walk over it;
it can resemble water.
A bright coloured exercise bouncing ball that horses can get used to seeing roll around the arena and bumping into their legs. Some horses actually play with balls and chase after it and try to bump it. Our horses are not at that level yet!

Making our horses aware and less spooky is just making our rides on them more secure.

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