Quick Quinoa Salad

A great carb is Quinoa!

It is not rice but cooks up like rice. Make sense. If you do not know what this is or maybe you do here is what it is and why it is a fantastic carb (especially for me and my high blood sugar)

Quinoa is an annual seed-producing flowering plant grown as a grain crop. It is a pseudocereal, not a grass, unlike wheat and rice. It is botanically related to spinach. Quinoa seeds are rich in protein, dietary fiber, B vitamins, and dietary minerals in amounts greater than in many grains. It is gluten-free. says Wikipedia

To cook quinoa place 1 /2 cup quinoa and 1 cup water in a pot and put to a boil, then simmer for 15 minutes. Will look like this when it is cooked.
1 hard boiled egg chopped up (the other two are for me to eat with my morning breakfast)
cut up 2 stalks of celery and a couple of green onions and one carrot into small
I put all the ingredients in a bowl with the cooked quinoa and chopped up egg, carrot, celery, green onions with Italian dressing, Just my preference of salad dressing. You can use something else.

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