Simple Fish grills on the BBQ

My mom’s recipe with canned salmon and mashed potatoes. I cooked these on the BBQ because it is summer time.

the recipe is:

2 cooked potatoes (mash them)

1 slightly beaten egg

1 can salmon

1 tbsp dill

4 green onions (i used 1/2 of a small regular onion)

S & P (salt and pepper to taste if you so desire)

mix together and form into patties!


Fish and Chips from Captain Highliner himself:

I kept temperature at 425 degrees and read a book while this was on the grill and checked every 10 minutes.

This is a treat in my family and takes some pressure off of preparing a full meal. It is a time now, where living is easy here in July, on the prairies.

Do not forget your greens. I used Iceberg Lettuce and a few tomatoe slices and cut up celery. Add your favourite dressing.

Iceberg lettuce I used this time because it holds up nice and crisp. I am waiting for my garden lettuce soon.

Keeping summer simple is my mantra these days.

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