making my blood sugar smile

I looked in the cupboards and fridge and found lots of good food to prep for my snacks and even to put in a green salad.

Prepping food, cutting up vegetables and placing them in a quick snack freezer bag, or put the cut veggies in a nice pretty bowl with a little bit of water and place in fridge. Every time I want to grab something to chew on the food is ready.

We have all heard this before, or maybe you have not. I know this sounds easy breezy to do but somehow I buy the groceries and put everything in the fridge and cupboard and wonder what I should make for side dishes or snacks.

I love popcorn! it is a good snack for blood sugar control as it is a lite carb and fun to snack on.

Rice Cakes, especially the caramel flavoured ones are actually very good. I don’t know if they fill me up but they can if I put cream cheese on it or peanut butter.

Apples, especially MacIntosh are our favourites. The rest is yellow and red peppers, celery and carrot.

The strawberries I hope you noticed in the fridge? … well, how can I stop eating them when I can just take a big red juicy one and pop it in my mouth. Yum!

The tomatoes, well they are store bought and we are waiting for the garden to produce on that vegetable or fruit. Is the tomato a vegetable or fruit? here is your answer. Do you agree?

tomatoes are fruits that are considered vegetables by nutritionists. Botanically, a fruit is a ripened flower ovary and contains seeds.

Did you find something in the images above that does not belong as a healthy snack.

(I’m human and it’s only one.)

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