How I am healing from Morton’s Neuroma

Oh my! my foot has pain between my 3rd and 4th toe. I went to the Doctor. Nothing on the X-ray that was done. I am waiting for an UltraSound. My doctor thinks it is a Morton’s Neuroma. What is that you ask?

My understanding of this diagnosis, is my foot has a nerve that is inflamed and it is almost always between the 3rd and 4th toes when it happens and henceforth it is a neuroma. I don’t know where the Morton comes from. Irrelevant! No pictures are needed. If I showed you my foot where the neuroma is you would see a normal foot. Nerve pain is internal. This is how I am healing this foot:

  • gel toe separators to be worn as much as is comfortable
  • foot movement to pickup a towel or pencil for 1 minute
  • heel walking for 30 seconds
  • walking on the ball of my feet for 30 seconds
  • extra strength Tylenol
  • peppermint essential oil on the ball of my foot

If you want to see how the foot exercises are to be practiced, clic on this link below for a very quick video on how to perform these simple foot exercises.

This is a serious issue and I do not want surgery to remove whatever is in between my 3rd and 4th toes.

No more surgeries for me.

I have researched this diagnosis and the above foot therapy exercises must be done diligently and keeping toe separators in until that inflamed nerve is healed, will stop it from pain and a surgery.

That is going to be me! Here is a photo of my foot because I know you really want to see my invisible foot pain and I painted my toes to match my open toed support sandals. See you can’t tell if I have foot pain as there is no swelling or rash?

It is my left foot and I am no longer on any anti-inflammatory!

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