cards no longer in the mail

E-cards are fun! a birthday text is nice. A phone call is lovely. I need validation and the only time of year I want that is on my birthday. I love to receive a card in the mail. Come on, don’t you wish you could get birthday cards in the mail?

Mail postal service delivers parcels from on-line shopping. What has happened to the art or craft of purchasing a paper card?; handwriting a note inside it, then placing the card inside the envelope , locating the address to handprint on the outside of the envelope and then, I shan’t say it? buy a postage stamp to place on the right hand top corner of your envelope.

Mail it! and the receiver will love it. They will be so unexpectedly surprised and feel very validated.

I still get cards from our old realtor and from our financial planner. My husband even got a phone call wishing him a happy birthday from his car dealer. That was cool and very personal!

My birthday is the one day I like to think is a validation of another year of me surviving or enduring or let’s hope loving my life and knowing I am important to someone.

If it is your birthday today, you are worthwhile and


oh…and the card is in the mail

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