I expect good things everyday

I acknowledge the good things and unexpected surprises that happen in each of my days.

For example, yesterday I got a call from the Fed Ex pick up centre that my shoes from the Netherlands arrived. The delivery date was stated for July 3rd (6 days from now) and it showed up June 28. Happy I was! I wanted to wear them for the July 1st long weekend festivities!


I came home tired and grumpy after sitting in the doctors office for an hour and a half and then buying groceries just before the long weekend started. I sat down on the deck and peeked over to my little flower bed below and my peony bush had one bud that refused to bloom the last couple of weeks. I thought it was dying. It had bloomed.

Three days ago, I shared my biography/memoir that I had written, of my son, who passed away 15 years ago. I shared it with a good friend who also lost her son several years ago. The reward and surprise that I received from her was a good thing. She read the biography and responded with such understanding I was in tears with gratitude. I was not expecting this surprise.

Expect good surprises!

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