too many photos

I have been searching for all my digital photos I have taken and stored on websites over the years. There were many on Flickr photography gallery and my other blog. I even think Picasa has some too. I have switched laptops several times and tried to keep them all. It was too confusing with all the different places to store. iCloud is helpful at times.

I am still searching and Picasa is the next on-line search. My photos before 2016 are lost. Google photos has taken over the control on Picasa now. Taking snaps is a snap in this instantaneous world we are in. How to keep track? How many storage places? I miss the photo scrapbook when it comes to retrieving the pictures of long ago. I have a storage of many photo books in my wall unit as well.

Here is a photo I found in Picasa/Google photos. It’s me back in 2011 and here I am so wanting to publish a book that I picked up a self publishing guide. I wanted to be a writer. I still do. What a good surprise! I will publish my writings it is written in the stars now.

Finding photos is so wonderful and it can remind you of things or events you stopped doing or wanting but now you can get back to them. Life distracts! Can never have too many photos.

cannot get enough of our Orioles this year

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