I am comfortable being uncomfortable!

I am an 11 year experienced blogger on the blogging site of blogger.com here is the link kirkville acreage about my acreage life in south west Saskatchewan and art and my grief journey.

This is a new process. I have paid for the personal plan with WordPress and I have a new domain name. I weigh heavy on the word paid because that was holding me back from doing this website and posting so new readers will enjoy or learn from what I share. If I do not invest I won’t get the appropriate help.

I want lots of photography on here and horses and inspirational photos I snap myself.

I am subscribed to the website The Art of Blogging.

I am open and available to get some good tips on how to present a new website with words and language that new readers with attract too from this website.

I just read the latest post and it says always create a good headline before you start writing the post. True. To pick a good headline or title for the post is the most fun! It will keep me on track with what I want the post to do for the reader.

Are you an experienced website owner? Do you blog? or Vlog. I can do videos on my youtube channel but I want to just photo snap and chat here and learn from you, the reader, and get a smile on your face or connect with me from my photography.

I want to place a photo on this post? I never write without one. First time for everything and out of my comfort zone. I am comfortable being uncomfortable here.

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