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my book ratings

I like murder mysteries! I like books that keep me tuned into what I desire in my life and also books that help guide myself through this complex world. I wondered what the current book ratings actually are when you see a 3/5…. I do follow other peoples ratings more than I do from Amazon […]

blurry cage

Can you see the parakeets? Yes, it is spring and I want to not wear a mask and I would like to rip through the stores and go have coffee with all my family and friends…… I wonder when the cage doors will open? Some people are not believers of this COVID-19 extreme measures. I […]

the balcony

This is about making a decision, a complicated decision, but I feel it was safe enough. This is how it went. My dad has been in and out of the hospital all last month and part of this month. He is now home and I was booked in to visit my mom yesterday- one on […]